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Any company can offer you premium web hosting loaded with countless features and hundreds of available megabytes of harddrive space. Few companies can offer you all this and great customer service for less than $20 per month. Perhaps you are looking for a smaller hosting package, something simple so you can create a family photo album which relatives can view on the other side of the globe maybe; or perhaps you could be in charge of organizing large company's web site which is capable of showing real-time traffic statistics along with online orders via a secure server. Whatever your scenario may be, we have the package to suit your needs and your budget.

Features which come standard with all our hosting packages:

* or
*2 DS3 (T3) connections to GTE backbone
*500 Email Aliases
*FREE SSL Secure Server
*FREE Frontpage Extensions
*FREE MIVA support
*Unlimited Autoresponders
*5 POP (email only) accounts
*Anonymous FTP
*1 FTP/POP/Telnet account (shell access)
*Your own local CGI-bin
*mSQL 2.0.3 access available
*Java, PERL, shtml, Shockwave
*C++, TCL, & Python
*Password Protected Directories
*CGI-Email Scripts
*FormMail Scripts
*Site Search Engine
*Free-for-all Links Page
*Discussion Group
*3 site counters
*Wusage 6.0 traffic stats
*Domain Registration included
*PlusMail Web Control Panel

Personal Package:
25 megs of space
1 gig of traffic
Only $13.95 per month

Hobby Package:
50 megs of space
2 gig of traffic
Only $15.95 per month

Gamer's Package:
150 megs of space
6 gig of traffic
Only $17.95 per month

Corporate Package:
300 megs of space
8 gig of traffic
Only $19.95 per month